Means of distribution of dialysis kits

The dialysis package cannot satisfy the distributor in the distribution of agency rights. Telescopic door elbow enterprises said that some manufacturers made many promises to dealers during the market development stage, but they could not fulfill their promises when the market operation was mature, causing dealers to be dissatisfied with the fact that dealers generally acted as agents for multiple products at the same time and could not fully invest in a certain product. At this time, the manufacturers were dissatisfied and blamed their insufficient cooperation for the deterioration of the relationship.

Manufacturers from their own product promotion and sales and the overall market point of view, it is impossible for all dealers to consider the face. Dealers are also for the purpose of winning. Once there is a temporary lack of profit or a small profit, they may lose confidence in the operation of the agent's products and reduce their loyalty to the manufacturer's cooperation, thus leading to cracks and even contradictions in their cooperation. Part of the business personnel quality is low, eager for quick success, in order to complete the task by any means, hurt the dealer. For example, when a business person learned that he was going to be transferred, he forced the dealer to buy a lot of goods. As for how to digest it, it had nothing to do with him, causing the dealer to complain about the manufacturer. The disposable dialysis package is mainly used for nursing care of patients during dialysis.

The product structure is composed of gloves (rubber inspection gloves or film gloves), non-woven treatment towels, cotton balls, gauze laminations, cotton swabs, disinfection cotton swabs, disinfection cotton balls, tweezers, medical tape, application, trays, etc. After ethylene oxide sterilization, the product is sterile.

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